Sanibel Neighborhoods

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There are only 3,992 single family homes & duplexes on the island. The City of Sanibel’s 2010 Housing Stock Report “Build-out” projection estimates that by 2025 there will be 4,700 single family homes. Sanibel has reached 85% of the projected “Build-out”.

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Sanibel Gardens

This is the neighborhood that was never developed thanks to early conservation efforts by SCCF. The City of Sanibel was incorporated in 1974 in part to prevent the type of community that was originally planned for Sanibel Gardens and the overdevelopment that was destroying many Florida coastal habitats. The original plan for development of Sanibel Gardens called for 774 parcels to be developed - only 9 homes were built. Original advertising pieces have been included in the photos of this neighborhood. Stop by our office anytime to look at some of our historical documents from years ago showing plans for these areas.