Amy von Keyserlingk
Showing Coordinator

Amy started coming to Sanibel around 1970, back when the causeway still had a drawbridge for sailboats. She recalls how as her family drove from the cold winters of Missouri, they would start sticking their hands out the windows trying to feel the warm air as they crossed into Florida. Her whole family fell in love with the shelling, nature, bike paths, and the quiet feeling of Sanibel. Even though her family has since moved frequently around the US, they’ve kept vacationing in Sanibel as it has remained a constant throughout their lives. Eventually, most of the family has moved to Sanibel over the years, including Amy and her husband Philip.

Amy has an associate’s degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M, a bachelor’s degree in Advertising from Southern Methodist University is certified in Texas as an elementary teacher, and is a Florida Notary Public. She finds the Sanibel real estate scene immensely interesting and enjoys coordinating showings.

When not at the office, Amy enjoys cycling with Philip, trying to paint animal portraits without too much help from their two cats, gardening, paddle boarding, shelling, rescuing wildlife, and training her horse. When the Pfeifer Realty Group team agreed to allow some flex time in order for Amy to ride her horse several mornings of the week and come in a little later, that really clinched the deal! To top it off, she has only a 6-minute commute by bicycle to the office. “Pfeifer Realty Group really does strive to make the team and clients happy,” states Amy.

(Amy joined Pfeifer Realty Group in 2020 and wishes she had done so sooner).

Amy von Keyserlnigk Named 2021 Administrative Assistant of the Year