Greg Demaras

Get To Know Greg Demaras:

A native of New York City, Greg embarked on his real estate journey in 1987 within the bustling Manhattan real estate scene, specializing in Commercial Management, Sales, and Leasing. In 2001, he took his expertise to the serene shores of New Jersey, where he further honed his skills, delving into all aspects of the residential housing market. 

When Greg first set foot in the enchanting realm of Southwest Florida, its unique allure captured his heart. This captivating region led him to become a licensed Realtor in Florida, allowing him to fully embrace the Florida lifestyle. Today, alongside his wife and daughter, Greg relishes the beauty of this sun-soaked paradise, often seen strolling the pristine Sanibel beaches with their three cherished dogs.

Greg's passion for the communities he serves is unwavering, and his commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of his work. In recognition of his dedication, Greg Demaras was honored with the 2018 Real Estate Rookie of the Year award by the Sanibel Captiva Island Association of Realtors (SCIAR). This accolade is reserved for new SCIAR members who have joined within the last 18 months and have been inducted into the Honor Society. The Rookie of the Year award acknowledges an agent's professionalism and their active involvement in the Association and the island community. Greg serves on several committees and is currently the President of the Sanibel Captiva Island Association of Realtors.

(Greg became a Realtor in 1988 and joined Pfeifer Realty Group in 2018).

Greg's Sales Accomplishments:

Top Producer & Top Listing Agent March 2024

Greg Demaras Announced 2023 Top Producing Agent

Top Sales Agent December 2023

Top Producer & Top Listing Agent November 2023

Top Sales Agent October 2023

Top Producer September 2023

Top Sales Agent August 2023

Top Listing Agent July 2023

Top Sales Agent June 2023

Top Producer May 2023

Top Producer March 2023

Top Sales Agent February 2023

Top Producer, Top Listing Agent and Top Sales Agent January 2023

Top Listing Agent December 2022

Top Producer & Top Sales Agent November 2022

Top Producer & Sales Agent October 2022

Top Listing Agent August 2022

2023 President Sanibel Captiva Realtor Association

Top Sales Agent June 2022

Top Producer May 2022

Top Producer January 2022

Top Sales Agent November 2021

Top Sales Agent July 2021

Top Listing and Sales Agent June 2021

Top Listing and Sales Agent May 2021

Top Sales Agent April 2021

Top Listing Agent March 2021

Sales Agent of the Year 2020

Top Sales Agent October 2020

Top Listing Agent July 2020

Top Listing Agent March 2020

Top Sales Agent February 2020

Top Sales Agent December 2019

Top Sales Agent October 2019

Top Sales Agent March 2019

Top Sales Agent April 2019

Top Producing Agent September 2018

Sanibel & Captiva Island Real Estate Rookie of the Year 2018