Why Choose Pfeifer Realty Group?
LAST UPDATED: 03 October 2023

Yes, Pfeifer is both hard to spell and pronounce, but if you’re looking for a hard-working, highly recommended, top producing team to work diligently on your behalf, we hope you will click below and learn what makes us uniquely different.

Eric Pfeifer, (pronounced “Fifer) is the Broker & Team Lead for Pfeifer Realty Group, a locally owned and operated Southwest Florida brokerage since 2008. Pfeifer’s leadership and collaborative office culture allowed his team to grow rapidly becoming The Top Producing Team on Sanibel & Captiva Islands for the past 7 years and Zillow’s Top Recommended Team in Southwest Florida. Even without a roof on their boutique office for over a year (thanks to hurricane Ian) they remained the #1 producing team while joking that they have an “open door, open roof policy, walk-in or drop-in anytime”. Pfeifer’s Boutique Brokerage delivers big results year after year because they are a team that operates very differently.

What makes the Pfeifer Team uniquely different?

FREEDOM – Pfeifer’s local ownership frees them from corporate regulations and red tape delays. With freedom to quickly innovate and implement tools to leverage market shifts and trends, their clients benefit from more efficient sales, quicker closings on average, and smoother transactions before, during, and after their closing.

COLLABORATION - Pfeifer agents work together continuously helping one another which ultimately benefits all of their clients. While agents in most brokerages are busy competing against each other, we “huddle up” the team and work together to help every team member’s client.

FLEXIBILITY – Pfeifer’s stress-free listings & satisfaction guarantee allows sellers to cancel their listing at any time for any reason without hidden fees or penalties. This is a refreshing and unusual brokerage policy.

EXPERIENCE - Having helped over 1,500 families achieve their real estate goals over the last 5 years, the Pfeifer Team has a depth of knowledge that produces smooth transactions. Throw in their team collaboration, and everyone benefits.

TRUSTWORTHINESS - As the Top Recommended Southwest Florida Team with over 950 Five-Star Reviews from past clients, these team members are trusted real estate advisors.

EFFICIENCY - Since opening in 2008 the Pfeifer Team has sold listings faster on average than all their competitors. It's their professional office staff that facilitates faster closings year after year.

LEVERAGE - The Pfeifer Team explores, deploys, and leverages all technology tools that help their clients successfully achieve their real estate goals efficiently. Innovation – From their proprietary marketing systems to their partnerships with “data ninjas” and software programmers, the Pfeifer Team’s willingness to innovate and integrate results in smoother efficient transactions for both their buyers and sellers.

GENEROSITY – Giving back to our community is one of the most important things we do. To date, Pfeifer Realty Group has donated over $343,500 to Southwest Florida Non-profit organizations benefiting the entire community.

INVOLVEMENT – When anyone joins the Pfeifer Team, they are given a copy of the book “The Go Giver” which truly reflects the team’s culture. While most businesses professionals’ pride themselves in being "Go-Getters", this team takes pride in being "Go Givers". Collectively the team has over 150 years of service Non-profit Boards, Committees, HOA Boards, and Service Organizations. We love giving back to our community.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS - Broker-Owner & Team Lead Eric Pfeifer has earned the Annual Sanibel Captiva Community Service Award 7 different times and is a former Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year. Pfeifer sets the service bar high for all members of this uniquely different real estate team.

Thinking of buying, selling or simply curious about current market conditions? The Pfeifer Team can help. Call Us: 239-472-0004

Why choose to work with Pfeifer Realty Group?

FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED: If you are looking for a group of Realtors that live and work on Sanibel, Pfeifer Realty Group is part of the Sanibel Community. We are part of the fabric of the island community. We support our local businesses and we volunteer our time helping on boards, and committees to keep Sanibel beautiful which in turn benefits all residents and visitors.

NON-FRANCHISED & FREE FROM CORPORATE RED TAPE DELAYS: You will find some national and regional franchises on Sanibel, we are not part of a corporation or a franchise. We have freedom to be creative and implement our ideas in 24 to 48 hours without the limitations of corporate approval. Free from corporate delays and contracts that often benefit the company and not the client, we take pride in being one of the most productive real estate companies not only on Sanibel and Captiva Islands but throughout Southwest Florida. We truly are a Boutique Office that delivers Big Results.

PROPRIETARY CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY WITH GLOBAL REACH: Free from corporate paperwork, we can implement and incorporate new technology quickly, often on the same day we brainstorm a new strategy it's put to work. Our marketing has leveraged outlets that most companies don't embrace or explore. The website you are reading this on now is an excellent example of how we never dial down innovation. Our website is not just another real estate listing portal displaying the exact same information as 100s of other sites. Pfeifer's real estate website is a complete guide to the lifestyle our area offers in addition to displaying all available properties for sale in Southwest Florida.

SERVICE, SERVICE & SERVICE: While "location, location, location" is a real estate mantra, our team is laser-focused on providing the best service experience for our clients, the best service to our community and the best financial support for the organizations that make Southwest Florida the incredible place we have the privilege of calling home. As a 7-time recipient of the Sanibel & Captiva Community Service Award, and former Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year, Broker-Owner Eric Pfeifer sets the SERVICE bar high from every member of the Pfeifer Team.

DEDICATION TO OUR CLIENT'S GOALS: Our clients are our "North Star" guiding us in all that we do. They always come first. We love helping families achieve their goals, based on their timeframe, their budget, and their "must haves". We are real estate advisors, and market consultants who place our clients above all else to ensure that their transaction journey is smooth and efficient.

WE MEASURE SUCCESS ONE FAMILY AT A TIME: Success is measured in many ways, and more often than not, Realtors measure success by closed volume or commissions earned. Any time we help a family achieve their real estate goals, their satisfaction is our measure of success. We are a referral based business and without happy past clients, we have no future. We are in the business of helping families achieve their goals. It's really that simple.

OUR OFFICE IS YOUR OFFICE: Being an independent office allows us to work differently, offering concierge services that help everyone. Need something notarized? Call us. Need to make copies? Stop by. Need to use WiFi? Stop by. We have an open door policy and look forward to seeing you. If we can help you, we will. Just let us know what you need. Stop by anytime.

Pfeifer Realty Group - Your Neighbor - Your Office - Your Brokerage - Your Home Team!

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