Pfeifer Supports CHR as Celebrity Drag Queen Contestant
LAST UPDATED: 31 October 2018

It's true, Eric Pfeifer will be a Celebrity Drag Queen at the Halloween Party to support CHR. I'm sure this event will be hard to explain when the photos hit social media.

So, if you get a call from CHR, (Community Housing Resources) and they ask you if you will participate as a local Celebrity to help raise money for Below Market Housing on Sanibel Island, you may want to ask for details before you say YES. Otherwise you might feel tricked and everyone else is gets the treat.

Happy Halloween from Eric Pfeifer and The Pfeifer Team. Okay, we know everyone is dying to know how Eric will be dressed and what will his stage name be? Well, you will have to come tonight and find out!!!

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Get to know this Celebrity Drag Queen Contestant:

Eric Pfeifer's Alter Ego comes from the goat-milking hills of "Bra-varia"(pun intended). Frauline Pfeifer also known as Erica Von Ginger-haute, loves beer, brats and hiding Gnomes in the Biergarten. Her favorite quote is "Was the War over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? ~ John Belushi - Animal House. This sexy beer-swilling, ginger-hot, Callipygian ("Cali-eh-pee-geeian") will rock your world! And, if you don't know what a Callipygian is, you better look it up!

What a brave group of men to agree to this first annual Celebrity Drag Queen Contest to benefit CHR! Over $10,000 in donations were thrown from the audience to each contestant as he/she worked the crowd to their 2 minute selection of music. Eric picked a favorite from Sir Mix-a-lot. That is an amazing feat to raise 10K in 16 minutes! These men all deserve a medal for being good sports for a great cause.

  • Joey A. ~ Joey's Custard Sanibel Island
  • Richard Johnson ~ Baileys General Store Sanibel
  • Jeramie C. ~ Paper Fig Sanibel
  • Doug Babcock ~ Tween Waters Captiva
  • Whitney Jones ~ Whitney's Bait and Tackle Sanibel
  • Craig Albert ~ Sanibel Captiva Community Bank
  • Eric Pfeifer ~ Pfeifer Realty Group Sanibel
  • Dan S. ~ Lily & Co. Jewelers

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