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Rauschenberg Foundation

Sanibel Real Estate

A legend in the art world, a visionary, a conservationist, and philanthropist of magnificent proportion, all describe Robert Rauschenberg.

On Captiva Island his secluded estate has become the home to artists from around the world as the come to the Rauschenberg Residence to explore their creativity in collaboration with other artists.

Each year approximately 70 artists in groups of 10 at a time have the opportunity to live and learn in the residence for 5 weeks. While Robert Rauschenberg was known for his Combines (paint and schulpture and screen printing used in combination), he was also passionate about all the arts. Music, Dance, Film...

The Rauschenberg Foundation opens the residence on rare occasions for tours that can be used by local non-profit organizations to further their mission. On March 1st, 2017 SCCF was able to host such a tour for only 70 individuals. As an SCCF Board Member, Mary Ellen Pfeifer and husband Eric Pfeifer were thrilled to support SCCF with the donation required to experience this once in a lifetime experience.

Sanibel Real Estate

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