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Time To Move to Sanibel Island?

As Realtors on the Island, we hear all of the reasonings as to why homeowners decided to move south to our Barrier Island. For some, they are tired of the long winters and the inability to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. There’s only so many times they are willing to shovel snow from their driveways. For others, they are ready for a change in pace, trading in hectic traffic for our 35 MPH roadways.

Whatever your reasoning is, Sanibel is ready and prepared to make your everyday life paradise. As homeowners on this island, there are many things we enjoy that we haven’t found anywhere else. Here are some of our favorite quirks about Sanibel Island…

For some, having no traffic lights on the island and slower speed limits sounds like an annoyance, but to us it puts a sense of relaxation into our daily drives. There’s nothing like a slow drive down Periwinkle Way, windows down, smelling all the amazing food our local restaurants are creating, and saying hello to friends you pass by car or by bike.

With a slower-paced lifestyle comes nature that isn’t as afraid of commotion. The wildlife on our Island is abundant and everywhere you look. Even on those daily drives you are bound to be stopped waiting for an Egret to cross the road, or an Iguana that is sun-bathing a little too close to cars.

The ocean is accessible and oh-so-inviting. You can find most locals taking a daily walk on the beach, or a kayak ride. It’s how we center ourselves and clear our minds. On the beach, there’s no doubt that you will find many different species of birds, shells, dogs, and if you’re lucky a dolphin may be jumping in the waves next to you.

Everybody you meet is so kind. With having such a small population, you are bound to run into the same people over and over again. This naturally makes the island feel like one big supportive community. Supporting local businesses becomes extremely fulfilling and running into the same neighbors on your morning walk is bound to put a smile on your face.

There’s much more that makes Sanibel Island so unique and inviting, but we will save some of those quirks for you to come experience for yourself. See you soon.

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